STRATandGOTM and you have full control over the implementation of your strategy!

How is your business today?

Have you ever asked this question yourself?

We help you to answer this highly important question, with all individual parameters involved on a daily basis, to ensure the success of your company.

With our product STRATandGOTM you are capable of compiling the actual status of your enterprise at a glance with a cockpit. By using multidimensional analysis on your strategies, together with individual operational Parameters, you can always overview the entire performance range of your enterprise.

Having STRATandGOTM implemented it will help to gain visibility and reduce complexity over internal KPI's and your management strategy can be adapted quickly, allowing the whole management team to experience the facilitation. 

Since 1997 over 140 enterprises and companies worldwide are using STRATandGOTM thus laying an important cornerstone for your strategic and operational decisions. 

We, and/or our partners, accompany you personally during the parameterization, implementation and use of your solution, so that you are fit for tomorrow today.


01.05.2018: Rico Schöni appointed new Head of Sales and Marketing

"With Rico Schöni, we have brought on board an experienced product manager and sales specialist. Rico Schöni not only knows the local markets very well, but also has extensive international sales experience. He will help us to further expand our product in existing markets and to establish it in new ones.", says Patrik Heierli, CEO of PROCOS AG.

01.03.2018: Patrik Heierli becomes CEO of PROCOS AG

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Patrik Heierli will take up his position as CEO of PROCOS AG as of March 1, 2018 and will contribute his many years of experience in various management positions in IT to PROCOS AG.

Expanding Partner network in South America

PROCOS is continuously expanding its partner network worldwide.   We are happy to welcome TARCON as a...


With Health Insurance Steffisburg Another Health Insurance Company Decides for the Performance Management Package from PROCOS AG.

The development of a joint project basis for the STRATandGOTM modules Scorecard, Risk Management,...


Glarner Health Insurance decides to implement a performance management package from PROCOS AG

The performance management package of STRATandGOTM includes a MIS configured for health insurances as a...



Whether you are interested in finding one of our partners for the implementation of your project, or you are a company that would like to join our partner network or you are already a partner and would like to register on the partner portal - you are in the right place!











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