Glarner Health Insurance decides to implement a performance management package from PROCOS AG

The performance management package of STRATandGOTM includes a MIS configured for health insurances as a central evaluation tool. In addition, the modules Scorecard, Risk Management, Project Portfolio Management, Contract Management and ICS from the STRATandGOTM-Suite are used. By using these modules, the planning, information, control and monitoring processes are ideally supported and optimally integrated into the existing IT infrastructure with the in-house ETL-tool.



With the modular rental model, commercial needs could also be met. In addition to the factors "complete solution offering" and "simple integration", this was an elementary factor in the overall offering.


PROCOS AG would like to thank Glarner Health Insurance for the trust they have placed in us and looks forward to working with them in the coming weeks and months.





Rico Schöni


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